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We can fix your website
We can fix your website and design with 7 years professional Khmer web designer and developer. យើងខ្ញុំអាចទទួលនូវការ​ជួសជុល ឬការកែកុនលើគេហទំព័រ...
fixed Rate
Get your professional website within 7days (WORDPRESS)
We are going to make professional wordpress base corporate website. You can easily edit and add from control panel. 
fixed Rate
Will create a simple app for your business. Customisable...
This simple app is for simple interface. If there is a need for more complicated interface, etc. A need for further discussion is required. I will be using glideapp to create your customisable app...
custom Rate
ខ្ញុំអាច Freelance កាន់ផេកFB, YT,Website Update ព័ត៌មាន...
សួស្តីខ្ញុំឈ្មោះ Lim Tokk ប្រសិនបើ អ្នកកំពុងតែខ្វះអ្នកដែលអាចជួយការងារ លើ ការកាន់ផេក FB, YT,Website Update ព័ត៌មាន និងធ្វើឲ្យផេក Active និងកើនចំនួន Audience។ ខ្ញុំអាចធ្វើជាអ្នក Freelance...
Monthly Rate
Create your own online shop
I will make your online shop for you in Cambodian language and English. We have many experience in Cambodia. 
fixed Rate
Database Developer
I am database Developer and .net developer too.
daily Rate
Connect your WooCommerce Store with either PiPay, Wing or ABA...
This will allow you to accept standard payments in WooCommerce using PiPay or Wing or Account for Cambodia.Secure, Fast and Reliable, the Wing or ABA PayWay or PiPay Payment...
fixed Rate
Web Design
creating any website with a beautifully catching eye in an affordable price.
fixed Rate
fixed Rate
I can fix or change your WP homepage
Your wordpress is still old? yes, we can fix your wordpress anything you like!! please feel free to contact us! we can help for you.
hourly Rate